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Europus has provided open and closed subtitles/captioning to TG4 and RTÉ for more than 25 years. Our team has extensive experience in providing subtitles with tight deadlines for a wide range of programmes from soaps to documentaries, entertainment, sport, all modern television genres and for digital platforms.

Europus also provides subtitles for the hard of hearing community. International guidelines are always observed.

Current programmes include:

  • Ros na Rún (TG4)
  • Timpeall na Tíre (RTÉ)
  • Féilte (TG4)

We can create open or closed captions for a wide range of programmes including promotional and marketing materials, showreels, corporate videos, programmes for foreign sales, children’s programmes, drama and documentaries.



Subtitling is not as straightforward a process as it may seem, and the workflow depends on the media your footage is going to be used for.
Generally, the process consists of the following stages:

  • We accept footage via an FTP secure server
  • We accept footage in a wide range of file formats
  • We liaise with the producer to make sure we are expressing the translation true to the master script in terms of tone and context.
  • We then determine the timings of each section and divide the speech up in appropriate blocks on screen.
  • We check that the reading speed is consistent and appropriate and any online captions are translated.
  • Once translated, the titles are proofed by a senior subtitler and then is sent to the producer for review.
  • On approval the titles are exported into STL files or other formats and sent to the broadcaster or production company.

Our Project Management Process


Documents will be downloaded in the source language as per instructions from the client.

A senior translator accepts responsibility for assessing, accepting and assigning all tasks.

A dedicated Trados Translation Memory will be set up/or recalled for the client to ensure consistency/delivery of terminology and style.


In the case of large tasks a team leader is appointed (a senior translator in the source language). The team leader assesses the number of translators required for delivery of the task within the agreed time frame.


A senior translator whose native tongue is the source language researches and retrieves terminology and establishes a shared database for all team members.  Establishes whether the client has previously had a document on the subject matter translated and requires conformity with terminology and phraseology used.

Establish whether any of the Directives/Regulations quoted have been officially translated.

Team leader provides continuous terminology backup for team during project and researches any queries or quotations, which must be sourced.

At a team meeting the document is introduced and discussed. Individual sections of tasks are allocated to the team and the database shared. Team leader checks translations of each translator at 1000 word and 2000 word stages thereafter to ensure consistency in tone, terminology, time factor compliance etc.

Each translator amends, revises their work each evening.

The team leader in conjunction with overall supervisor answers queries from requesters.

Each morning a full team meeting takes place to discuss issues arising e.g. terminology, time factor, compliance, delivery time. Team leader reports to supervisor on completion of targets and progress. Alternative arrangements are put in place if it seems that delivery may be delayed (extra translators, supervisor monitors individual progress etc).

Team leader collates translation.


Team leader reviews and proofreads entire translation.

Entire content is checked and verified against source language and technical layout.

Translation is delivered electronically as outlined in the tender document – MS Word or other formats.

Feedback from the client is welcomed throughout the process and will be communicated to the team by the team leader.

Effective communication with the client will be maintained by the liaison officer and team leader throughout the project via email, landline phone and mobile.

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